Juno. the social reading app

Discover, follow, and share.

Juno is built to read the internet. It collects stories from all over the world and allows you to pin anything you’d like to save or share with friends on Juno.

Instead of searching for your next read on multiple social platforms, Juno presents you a clean feed of reading recommendations and tips from what your friends are reading.

A better reading experience.

Read all blogs and articles in a reader friendly format, customisable to your own liking.  

Save content from anywhere.

Easily save content from all over the web. Use the browser plugin for Chrome or Firefox, or just drop the link in the Juno app.

Create endless reading lists.

Bundle reads about a certain topic, and create your own lists. You choose if you make them public or private.

Synced across your devices.

Pick up where you left off. Juno syncs across your devices, making sure you never have to search the point where you stopped reading last time.